Supporting Stamina and Energy With Supplements

Give your horse grain in several smaller meals rather than one huge one if you are feeding it. For the convenience of their human caregivers, the majority of horses receive grain twice a day. If you must feed your horse a lot of grain, think about feeding him again around noon.

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MPM Elite - fortified with Nutra-Lix Plus

Supplemental feeding will meet the nutritional needs that best suit your horse. MPM Elite with Nutra-Lix Plus provides top-performance nutrients which encompass the dietary needs of your horse’s complete life cycle.

The Ingredients

MPM Elite uses all-natural quality OATS, grown on our farm and cleaned in our state-of-the-art Cleaning Plant Blended with Linseed oil-based Nutra-Lix Plus, highly digestible minerals (chelated), significant levels of vitamin E, Biotin-Lysine, and Methionine combinations.

Why use MPM Elite?

  • No Bentonite
  • No food coloring
  • No by-products
  • No added sugars
  • A difference you can see
  • Supports Joint Lubrication
  • Supports feed utilization
  • Maintain Richer, Shiner hair coat
  • Supports anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes hoof condition
  • Supports stamina and energy 
  • The only Oats fortified with Nutra-Lix Plus
  • Highly digestible Minerals (Chelated)
  • Significant Levels of Vitamins
  • Biotin-Lysine and Methionine Combinations

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  • 1 MPM Elite
  • 2 MPM Elite Z+

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      Rewarding horses with good food helps trainers keep interested and focused in their lessons. Our feed is high in healthy nutritional content, giving your horses the energy and strength they need.


      If you have difficulty keeping your horses at an optimum weight, our feed can help you with that. Plus, veterinarians can provide valuable nutritional counseling for your horse’s health.