The Perfect Nutritional Supplements for Racehorses

One of the primary benefits of giving MPM Elite Z+ to your horses is that it’s perfect for racehorses. Developed for endurance and hard-working equine athletes: Performance-driven, wholesome nourishment with digestive support.


MPM Elite Z+

  • The current MPM Elite Z+ is the result of cutting-edge research and innovation. It starts with our naturally nourishing, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, home grown, premium whole oats.
  • Our oats are rich in antioxidant phytonutrients and prebiotic fibers. We add NO by-products, fillers or coloring. We simply triple clean and clip the edges of our heavy oats to allow the nutrients to be best absorbed by the horses.
  • Scientific developments maintain our formulas at the forefront of equine nutrition and performance. You may feed with complete confidence knowing that only supplements that have been demonstrated to offer the highest degree of performance and safety are included in MPM Elite Z+.
  • MPM Elite Z+ is designed to help you overcome your most difficult nutritional barriers, whether you need to fuel extreme competitive performance, support your horse's gastrointestinal health, or nourish the development of the next generation of equine athletes.

Feeding Recommendations

  • Always feed MPM Elite Z+ with quality hay. Begin with the MPM Elite Z+ quantities recommended for your horse based on way of life. The amount fed may be progressively increased or decreased to achieve the appropriate body condition and weight after the horse has been observed for a while.
  • Feed 6 lbs per day for performance horses doing light work.
  • Feed 8 lbs per day for performance horses doing moderate work.
  • Feed 10 lbs per day for performance horses doing heavy work.

         *This is the recommended minimum amount to be fed. 

  • Adult horses should be fed no less than 0.3 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight (3 pounds per 1,000 pounds horse) per day. 
  • Providing more hay will reduce the amount of MPM Elite Z+ needed to maintain proper body condition.
Please read: Feeding rates vary with size, age, temperament, health status, feed quality, climate and activity level. Feed regularly, at least twice a day. Do not feed more than 0.5 lbs/100 lbs of body weight in one meal. Do not feed MPM products free-choice. Prevent horses from eating feed too quickly. Reduce and/or delay feeding to horses that are hot, agitated or in pain, or have fever or diarrhea. If you have any problems, please contact your veterinarian. Always feed at least 1.0 to 1.2 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight of good quality clean hay. All diet changes should be made gradually over 7 to 10 days. Feeding rate changes should not exceed 1.0 lb per day for each horse. Provide fresh and clean water at all times. Give your horse access to salt. See your veterinarian regularly and have a regular dental, deworming and horse health care program.  

Why use MPM Elite Z+?

  • No Bentonite
  • No food coloring
  • No by-products
  • No added sugars
  • A difference you can see
  • Supports Joint Lubrication
  • Supports feed utilization
  • Maintain Richer, Shiner hair coat
  • Supports anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes hoof condition
  • Supports stamina and energy 
  • The only Oats fortified with Nutra-Lix Plus
  • Highly digestible Minerals (Chelated)
  • Significant Levels of Vitamins
  • Biotin-Lysine and Methionine Combinations

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      Rewarding horses with good food helps trainers keep interested and focused in their lessons. Our feed is high in healthy nutritional content, giving your horses the energy and strength they need.


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