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The Story Behind Our Nutritional Horse

MPM Elite Horse Nutrition was established by Al Meier, a farmer from South Dakota. We operate a fairly extensive farm with thorough seed cleaning practices where we clean and bag our own seed.

NO added sugars PLUS you’ll never find any of these in our Horse feed: Wheat, Flour, Corn, Soy, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Food Dyes, Iron Oxide, Rust, Dirt, Bentonite, Byproducts, Artificials, GMO.

Our Story

We operate MPM Elite Horse Nutrition as a family. From production to packaging and inspections, we oversee every aspect of the business. 

Our goal is to make this outstanding product available for all horses in the United States. 


Made for Better Performance and Health

We wanted to give horses more vitamins and minerals by mixing the horse supplements with heavy oats. If your horse is used to sweetened products, it might take a while to get used to our products, but you will be able to see the difference in their immune system, better performance, and good health.

MPM Quality Control

Michael Polanchek is quality control at MPM Elite Horse Nutrition and ensures our products' quality.

At every step, Michael takes charge of the process, including blending the oats with our supplements.


Why Our Supplements Are a Better Option

Our nutritional supplements for horses have no added sugars and are made with natural ingredients. Many feed companies give horses products in a pelleted form and add sugars which can boost the horse sugar and impact their health.

At MPM Elite Horse Nutrition, we do it differently. We make the feed readily available to eat by improving its consistency and nutritional value. Our mission is to become the Amazon Prime of horse nutrition!


All our ingredients have high levels of Biotin combined with DL-Methionine. This nutritional supplement promotes the growth of healthy hooves and shiny coats and improves horse skin conditions.

Here are some of the ingredients we use and their benefits:

  • L Lysine – adds protein to the diet and supports good health, growth, and development in horses
  • Linseed oil – high level of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids,
  • Vitamin B – for reducing stress and anxiety in horses
  • Vitamin C – stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells

Although the vitamins might not taste very good at first for the horses, they are more readily available in highly chelated forms horses.


How Much to Feed

Our feed will give your horse the essential minerals and vitamins needed to thrive.

Feed 3 pounds per day for adult horse in maintenance.

Feed 6 pounds per day for performance and race horses. 

Always consult your veterinarian for appropriate recommendations for your horses' specific needs. 

What is Nutra-Lix Plus

Nutra-Lix Plus was developed over 20 years ago by two doctors, Douglas Butler and Rick Redden.

It was one of the first products with the required amounts of vitamins and supplements that horses needed for good health and better performance.